Keynote Speaker

Michelle Hamilton psychological servicesKeynote address (60-90 minutes)

Michelle’s inspirational keynote speeches can be developed to suit your conference or event theme and audience. Michelle can provide insightful, personal accounts of the risks and the benefits of working with people, and will encourage an atmosphere of honesty, humour and compassion in the workplace. Participants will learn the importance of self-care strategies that promote resiliency in helping professionals or caregivers.

Self-care begins with self: Creating awareness and maintaining balance

Understanding who we are is a critical step in establishing boundaries and developing a system of self-care that may reduce our risk for compassion fatigue, or vicarious trauma. This presentation will include an overview of literature describing how helping professionals can be psychologically impacted by their work, and will offer an overview of strategies that support self-care at the individual level.

Present and Presence: The Gifts of Mindfulness and Connection

This presentation will focus on the importance of understanding the potential impact of chronic stress and trauma on our clients and our selves, and the potential for mindfulness and connection to support self-care and healing, maintain resiliency and transform compassion fatigue into compassion satisfaction.

Celebrating our compassion

This presentation will focus on recognizing and understanding the unique challenges of work related stress on helping professionals, and empowering workers towards wellness and resiliency by focusing on the meaning of our work, and the celebration of our compassion and wisdom.